European Juggling Conventions

I’ve worked with the European Juggling Association since 1990 when I volunteered to organise the European Juggling Convention for 1991 which was to be hosted in Verona, Italy. I worked with Pippa Stockting, Doug Orten, Lee Hayes, the EJA and in Verona with Adele Bartolli, Paulo Pucho and the department of Sport and Leisure, Verona. 2,500 jugglers from 20 different countries had a magnificent time in Verona.

There are many stories, lots of detail and many people involved, many thanks and credit to be given and many great and truly wonderful events… but to keep it brief…
I’ve been involved in many guises with EJA and EJCs since 1990 until 2006.

I’ve produced promotional videos, booklets, photos, archived information, worked as stage-manager, compere, show manager, trouble-shooter, adviser and given support over the years and all as a volunteer.

In 2003 I offered to organise the EJC 2005 but we had no location… so I set off in search of a host town and we found Ptuj in Slovenia. We worked with POVOD an NGO based in Ptuj, run by Robert Krisanic, Dejan, Sviki and other lovely people and together with the EJA produced the biggest event in the town since 1969 (they tell me). 3,500 jugglers from 30 different countries, and about €400,000 spent in the town by visitors to the convention. It rained! The worst weather in Slovenia for 50 years, but then it dried out and I think, overall, we had a great time in a new place and made many new friends.

Here are some of the Promotional books I’ve made and the Photo Book from Ptuj EJC2005  and the video I made for the EJC 2005 in Ptuj.

EJC2005 Photobook
 EJC2005  photo book cover image

EJC Promo Booklet
 EJC promo book cover image

EJC Small Promo Booklet
EJC small booklet cover image

Dear European Juggling Convention Organisers,
I would like to thank you on behalf of the City and people
of Ptuj for bringing the 28th European Juggling Convention
here. Ptuj had a wonderful time hosting this event –the parade,
games and juggling activities will long be remembered by
Ptujans, as will the friendliness of all the 3500 Jugglers who
lit up the town with their amazing entertainment. I can
recommend the European Juggling Convention as a unique
and wonderful event to host. I am sure all the Jugglers who
came from all over the world will return to their homes with
a happy memory of the oldest city in Slovenia, and we look
forward to welcoming them back again one day. We wish
you success with future juggling conventions and hope that
you will return to Ptuj and hold another juggling convention
here someday.
With sincere thanks,
Stefan Celan, Sc.D. Mayor of Ptuj.

Assessore allo Sport, Comune di Torino
“Thank you. I felt it was a great experience for us,
I hope also for you, but it was a great experience for us –
of joy, of freedom, of friendship and I like to say thank you!”

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